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Finger Swinger – Basic


Gems are flying, scores are rolling, and combos are waiting to be made! All we need is a Finger
Swinger, and that is YOU! Swing your finger across the screen as you compete in this fun and
exciting item sorting game with a twist. The longer you go, the faster things get, and watch out!
the containers have a mind of their own. Download it today, and join the ranks of many others
as you compete for the world high score in Finger Swinger!

Grab and toss items into their proper containers, match combos, collect bonus time, and keep
collecting until the time runs out!

Get the world’s #1, original Finger Swinger game now!


  • Beautiful 2D Graphics
  • Great Music and SFX
  • Non-stop Finger Swinging
  • Online Scoring System
  • In-Game Tutorial

*** The game is free!!!  BUT, if you would like to see more great Finger Swinger editions, please
support us by downloading the $1 Donate Version! ***

*** Please read below for future plans. ***

Future Plans:

  • Finger Swinger Basic
    • Post your scores on Facebook and Twitter
  • Finger Swinger “Special Event” Editions
    • The big special events year round deserve their own editions of the game, so look for Finger Swinger Halloween, Christmas, Easter, Valentine, etc
    • Each edition contains different special features!
  • Finger Swinger Adventures
    • Forget playing on a single level!
    • Work your way through different levels with different obstacles in adventure mode.
    • Use different items for different challenges
  • Finger Swinger Math
    • A math twist on the amazing Finger Swinger game
    • Great for helping kids learn their additions, subtractions, times tables, and divisions
    • ‘Test Yourself’ feature, which will rank your basic math skills against the world
  • Finger Swinger Recycle It
    • Let the garbage sorting begin!
    • Gems are all of a sudden garbage, recycling, compost, etc…
    • Containers are bins
    • Time is running out and the garbage man is coming!!
    • Great way to get kids to learn about recycling